Get Involved!

Once you find a church that you like, it's important that you GET INVOLVED.
   Attend more than just the Worship service on Sunday Morning.
It's important to have friendships with others Christians.
Our Small Groups (we use the acronym F.R.O.G.) are a good way to start to get involved.

What does FROG stand for?


How do Small Groups fit into FBC’s ministry strategy?
A growing church cannot rely on paid staff members to meet the needs of the entire church. According to Ephesians 4:11-12, members are to be enlisted and equipped to help one another. Small Groups are our primary means of seeing lives changed by people helping each other.

Are Small Groups Biblical?
The foundation of the early church was small groups meeting in homes! In Acts 5:42 we learn that people met “in temple courts” (large group worship) and “from house to house” (small group discipleship and fellowship).

Small Groups enable believers to follow the commands
Jesus gives us for life. What are these commands?

Overcoming Life’s Challenges - We need one another for support and encouragement. Small groups give us the opportunity to share together in the struggles and joys life brings us.

Praying Together - Prayer is the fuel for the life of believers and a key component of our small groups.

Growing To Be More Like Jesus - Small groups provide the best venue for biblical principles to be discussed and applied to life. They also give us the opportunity to reflect on our successes and failures in the process.

Utilizing Gifts To Serve Others - Jesus said “Love your neighbor”. Small Groups are an avenue through which people’s needs are met.

Reaching Another For Christ - Each group has a heart to reach out to others. Through the caring relationships formed in small groups, the truth of the Gospel can be shared.



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